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A simple way to tell someone how much you love them!
This card is from /for the coolest gamer ever (x-box lover) who would even STOP Their GAME because they love someone so much. If they pause or stop their game for you, you know they are seriously in love 😘 and you don't want to lose them.
You can personalize this card and make it into a one of a kind invitation card for a game party for both boy gamers and girls ( e.g. you are invited to Sam's Game Party, Game Night invite, etc) anniversary card, Valentine card or simply customize it for any occasion, event and for anyone you like. Don't forget you can personalize the colours
The card comes with an envelope.
Card Size:
20×13 cm (approx)
It is in 3 cutout layers,
the top one says,
I can even Stop my game for you
The second layer says, I ❤️U
The 3rd layer has a glittery cutout heart!!
We have a video of this card on KomalWork's YouTube channel, to get a better idea follow the link below.
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